[You Can’t Miss] A Sweet Cat Interrupted A Fashion Show

Exactly in Istanbul, where the Esmod International Fashion Show was held, a sweet lilttel kitty showed up and shared the stage with the models on the runway.

Obviously with a cat on the runway, it is very hard not to notice, the attendees were easily distracted, instead of focusing on the clothes on display, the cat stole the show and every thing was about her, even the post interviews were mostly about the cat.


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The cat was fearless, it was laying down and stretching her legs, very calm and careless about what’s going on around her, until a model is passing by, the cat then tries to pick fights, a bad-ass cat!

The fashion designer Goksen Hakki Ali said that everybody was in shock!

This is a video of the cat in action:


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Ahahahahahah #catwalk #real #vakkoesmod

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Of course, the cat was really on her best day showing off her cuteness, her talent is undeniable, lol.

The video that included the cat was shared more than a thousand times on social media, with more than twenty thousand views, the video post that made by @hknylcn on instagram was the highest interacted post on his profile.

Other funny and famous pages on Facebook and Twitter also shared the same video and it is still trending until now, I think that from time to time, it is a smart marketing strategy to include a cat in a fashion show, but it needs to be planned very carefully, or the clothes on display will loose the attention, the attention which is the asset of every fashion show event.

The cas is now somewhere else in Istanbul enjoying the weather after the fabulous show, good job!