Who Murdered Tupac and Biggie

Tupac Shakur & Biggie Notorious B.I.G

Both 2pac and Biggie cases looks very mysterious, both of them were enemies at the time the killing happened but until now, the police and the departments responsible of the investigation never figured out who did it.

2pac and Biggie are without question symbols of Hip-hop culture today, the way they died also helped in creating this status of heroes on their names.

The day 2pac was killed, he was just coming out with Death Row manager Suge Knight heading to a mid-night concert, then when they stopped on a red light, a while Cadillac stopped and shot the car 6 times, 4 shot hit Shakur which lead to him dying in the hospital 6 days later.

After few months the same way, Biggie was also killed, then all the finger was pointing to Suge Knight, and maybe he also was behind the murder of 2pac, knowing that Suge paid $1.4 million to get 2pac out of jail because of sexual abuse law suit, 2pac directly after coming out did an album under Death Row records, however, he was planning to start his own label and leaving Death Row.

knowing that both Shakur and Biggie are members of 2 Gangs that having feud with each other, The Bloods and The Crips. Both Gangs were also under suspicion.

Diddy was also potentially involved in the murder of 2pac and some of the investigator thinking maybe Police or government who planned to do so to end the gangster influence both famous rappers had on the country.

And lately in the Eminem diss to MGK, four bars at the end of the sound left every listener wondering, what does Eminem mean by this, he basically said that the day Machine Gun Kelly will drop a hit song, is the day Diddy will admit that he is the one who dropped the Hit that got 2Pac killed. And we still don’t know if it\s just playing with words, at the of the track and off beat Eminem said his famous ending “I’m just playing Diddy, you know I love you”

So, what do you all guys think?