What About Versace | Things You Didn’t Know

Fashion and expensive clothing brands are now more exposed than ever, before, High-class stores and brands were only known between the people that can afford it, nowadays, almost everyone can name at least 3 expensive brands, and in those 3, Versace must be one of them, if not the first one that comes to mind.

Founded in 1978, by Italian born Gianni Versace, the first store opened in Milan and fast expanded to accessories, jewelries and interiors. Since then, his dresses appeared on all red carpets and Versace became a High-Class brand, his marketing approach was different than other competitors, he didn’t only want rich and wealthy clients, he also wanted to inspire others to work hard and get to a place where they can afford his collections.

Gianni Versace in the WWD Archive

Versace was the first fashion house to embrace celebrities and music, Gianni was big in the worldwide scene by being friends with big music stars like Madonna, Cher and others, the brand also was collaborating with Michal Jackson and designed stage outfit to Elton John’s.

Elizabeth Hurley Dress or as known as “THE ONLY DRESS”, she wore it and it got a lot of press coverage that push both Versace and Elizabeth to be more recognized, the dress was also voted The Mose Iconic Dress Of All Time in a daily telegraph pole.

The Founder of the Brand, Gianni Versace was murdered in 1997 in front of his house in Miami as he was going out to get his daily paper. The killer took his own life after shooting Gianni, later they figured out that Andrew Cunanan who murdered the fashion designer also murdered 5 other more in the same year.


The Palazzo Versace Hotels is only first hotels chain branded by a fashion house, the first hotel opened in Australia in 2000.