This Is Gigi Hadid!

Gigi Hadid is now the most known model, whether she’s enjoying life with her BFF Kendal Jenner or showing her cooking skills on Master Chef -Gordon Ramsey’s show- This is things you didn’t know about her!

Gigi has ties with the Jenner’s family, not only being BFF with Kendal but her father was once married to a closer family member of the Jenner’s.

Gigi father was born in Palestine while her mom was born in the Netherlands, she is half Palestinian half Dutch. Gigi herself was born and raised in Los Angeles, City of Angels! Yaay!

Only 2-years-old, Gigi was discovered by Marciano from GUESS, and did a GUESS baby complain when she was only 4-years-old. And when back to her GUESS rots and did another campaign when she was 19.

Gigi put modeling on Pause to finish her school and did different sports, riding horses, went to final in a Volley Ball competition. Now, she is a Boxer!

Gigi went to New York with 1 goal in mine is to finish her Criminal Psychology degree at The New School, but since her modeling career picked up so quickly she took a leave and planning to go back and finish it one day.

Gigi auditioned for Victoria Secret fashion show 2 time and was rejected, the first time she was accepted and participated in the show is in 2015.

Gigi real name is Jelena Noura Hadid, her mom came up with the nake-name when she was still young in the grade-school, her mom was also called the same when she was at school, so when the teacher asked the mom what should we call her in school, she replied Gigi and the name was used since that time.

Gigi is obsessed with burgers and fires and she said that she would eat it everyday if she could, on her 20th birthday she asked for McDonald’s gift cards, but not for her to use, no no, but for her to hand it over to who’s in need in the street of New York.

Well, this is it for today! to be continued!…