Things You Didn’t Know About Bella Hadid!

Everyone seems to know a lot about Gigi but little about Bella, well we are here to let you that also Bella has something to say.


Let’s start with her father, Mohamed Hadid, very wealthy real estate developer. Looks like the girls never struggled.

Her Mom, well, Modeling is not something that only the beautiful sisters are doing for the first time, it seems like modeling is running in all the family, the mom, Yolanda Hadid, was also a Model and had a strong career. She also has a big heart and she push to keep the family humble.

Now let’s move to the model, Bella oldest sister is Gigi but it doesn’t stop here, it looks like Bella has more siblings than what she thinks as her dad and mom were married before and had kids.

Bella also likes sneakers, obviously, but she likes Nike more. Her favorite shopping store in New York is Chrome Hearts, and if she wants to take a late-night meal she’ll pick a Berger at Ferdi In Paris.

Bella did workout a lot, she is very athletic and fit, when preparing to Victoria Secret show, she was working out for 3 hours a day, strict diet and tunnel focus. she works out alone with a personal trainer, she said that group work outs drives her crazy, regarding her diet, Bella eats only High protein meals to maintain her flat asset (the abs).

Bella is she wasn’t  model, we may know her as a photographer, she went to New York basically for Photography, and she studied in Parsons The New School For Design and she studied Photography, however, she ended up being in-front of the camera not behind.

Last but not least, Bella Hadid is Blonde! YES she is, we only knew her as a black hair model but in fact she blonde same as her older sister Gigi, she maybe choose to be differentiated and got her hair in black.

Well this is it for today! See you in the next article.