The Making of Iron Man (Documentary)

This is a Documentary that take you in a journey on how this movie came to life starting from suit design until the big production.

Robert Downey JR. joined the set and agreed to shoot for a simple reason which is his love to the big screen, he was every time amazed on how the evolution of movies production is growing very fast.

The director Jon Favreau goes in the documentary and breakdown how the idea came to life and tell a little bit of his story and his comedic background and coming up independently.

Making Of Iron Man | Documentary | Marvel Cinematic Universe film

The documentary continues in covering everything that went into the making of the movies, difficulties, complexity and hardship. At the end the movie came out to be the best that year and the results of it were as what was expected if we compare it the investment that was put in the making.

More About the Character

Iron Man was created by the famous Hero creator Stan Lee, he is the creator also of Spider Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men..etc. Iron Man was created in a time when everybody hated war, Stan was like, “I’ll come up with a character that represents everything that everybody hates and shove it down to their throats” he did really said this, no jokes. Then the billionaire Tony Stark was created and Iron Man first appeared in the issue 39 of Tale Of Suspense comics in March of 1963. so Tony as you all know was born already rich and his parents owned Stark Technologies company, Tony was not really interested in school but instead he was more of living the celebrities life, later on his parents died in a car accident so he inherited the company, so he is now the owner of the company and this is the time when you have to watch the movie to enjoy the rest.