The Kardashians curse!


If you only know the Kardashians by the money and fame, it seems like you’re missing something, if you ever think of emotionally connecting with the family, they say that a curse will hunt all your life.

First, RAY J, before all this fame, Kim was the first to get her family name an exposure after her steamy video tape with Ray J, Kim then took of and became the “news” while Ray J career like if it is ended, we now only hear about him if he made a comment about the Kardashians.

Then Kim moved to Reggie, the football player, then everything was going well, but once they broke up, he became the first man in football history to retire with negative yardage, and if you think that it, the football player was accused of infractions from the NCAA and forced to return all of his trophies and if you think now it is finished, naah, he also broke his leg.

Kourtney also was attached to Scott Disick, Scott also believes that he was cursed by the Kardashians, right after he stated engaging with the family, he lost his parents, which is not helping with his personal issues, also, after he broke up with Kourtney and left to escape, it seems like the curse still following him and got him addicted, even the Kardashians are worried about him.

Kanye Kanye, Kaney West was first known as the talented producer and rapper, he had a stable and quite personality, until he hooked up with Kim, we all now know Kanye from his Red Hat, stages’ rants, political opinions that confuses people and the last meeting with the President. he is also going thru mental issues and takes drugs which he talked about it several interviews with TMZ.

The list is long but we’ll end it now by just saying, Kanye West, and you fill the gaps!