This is Kim Kardashian West – Behind The Scenes

Currently, Kim’s net worth is over $300 million, she has haters same like crazy fans, it doesn’t matter which side you are, these are some behind the scenes facts about her life and more about money.

(Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)

14. Before starting her own business and become famous, Kim was a stylist for Lindsay Lohan and Brandy.

13. Kim Kardashian West is in Top 10 most followed people on Social Media, with nearly 224 million followers. 1 paid post from Kim can cost the publisher $1 million.

12. Kim went to school with Paris Hilton.

11. Before Kanye West, Mrs. West was married to the professional basketball player Kris Humphiries, their marriage lasted 72 days, even if Kim said that the marriage was a mistake, the wedding helped her reach more people and get free publicity.

10. Few people know this, when she was nineteen, Kim was married to a music producer name Damon Thomas,  the marriage lasted 4 years, finally the broke up in 2003.

09. In 2014, Kim Launched a game app named Kim Kardashian Hollywood; the app produces over $200 million per year.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood GameApp

08. Her origins come from Armenia, the family name was originally Kardashcoff and she has Ruso-Armenian Ancestry.

07. The entire family fortune was created because of a slaughterhouse business, her annual turnover was more than $400 million.

06. Her father, Robert Kardashian, now passed away, was the OJ Simpson’s defense attorney dur9ing 1995 trial.

05. She dated Michael Jackson’s nephew when she was a teen.

04. Kim tried her shot in entering the music industry with her debut single JAM in 2010, this was her first and last music she ever published.

03. Kim received $300,000 and a royalty to drop her lawsuits against the people behind the broadcast of her sex tape. The video was a big push to super fame.


02. So her jewelry doesn’t feel cold on her skin, Kim blow dries on it.

01. Kim Kardashian West engagement ring from Mr. Kanye West cost him $3 million.



With everything she does, Kim’s income is over $40 million a year.