Taylor Swift Helps A Young Fan To Support His Family

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Taylor Swift performs at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in London on Dec. 2, 2014.

After Sadie, the 19 year old Taylor Swift fan, posted a letter seeking help on twitter, Taylor jumped and helped with $15,000+ to support his mom who fell into a coma.

Sadie posted that because of the medical condition of his mom, his dad is no longer working and spends all time at home taking care of his mother, Sadie and his brother now are the one providing for the family.

The letter that Sadie posted reached a lot of people on Twitter including the pop start Taylor Swift, in addition to Swift’s support, more than $20,000 was now raised to Sadie’s family.

About Taylor Swift:

Taylor Alison Swift, was born in 1989, exactly December 13th. her dad was a financial adviser and her mom was staying at home taking care of the family. Daly was a neighbor to Swift’s family, Daly did baby-seat Taylor, and her son Andrew (a professional photographer) was taking picture after picture of Taylor, and as she’s growing Andrew told her family that Taylor will grow to be a superstar.

Taylor is known of her charity work, she launched a campaign to protect children from online predators. Big Machine Records gave her a pink Chevy truck which she donated to a children’s charity, Victory Junction Gang. She also donated the proceeds from her merchandise sales at the 2008 country Music Festival to Nashville Area Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and National Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. she donated $10,000 to St. Jude’s Research Hospital when she won the Female Video of The Year at the CMT awards.