Roman Reigns Reveals He Has Leukemia Live On Television

The WWE Champion, real name, Leati Joseph Anoa, shocks his fans when he said that he was batteling Leukemia for more than 11 years and now it is back.

The 33 year old Fighter is now holding the Top tittle in the company, however, he said that won’t be able to compete and he needs to focus on his medical condition.

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He was fighting tears when he said his real name and added that he was fighting this disease for 11 years and now it is back.

Roman was initially diagnosed with cancer of blood-forming after his college football career.

Directly after what his emotional announcement, Leati left the stage and left his Global tittle in the ring and was met by his friends from faction The Shield.

Behind Story,

The young wrestler was born in May 25, 1985, in Florida, United States. he won the Slammy Award for Superstar of the year 2014 and Most Improved Superstar in 2013, he likes involved athletics sport and he likes to learn anything new. he played football professionally before and retired from it to be a professional wrestler. He also participates in charity events, he danced in “Dancing With The Knoxville Stars” to raise money for East Tennessee Children’s hospital, he also collaborated with Do Something organisation to spread awareness about bullying, he is the face of Bully Text and he encourages his fans to take action against bullying. He is fan of Bred Hart, Steve Austin (Professional Wrestler) and most of his family members are and were wrestlers, his dad is a wrestler and aother cousins. He is now taking his time to follow the leukemiat treatment and we wish him to get well soon and we wish his family and fans patience in this period of time, this is the most important fight of his life and we pray for him to win.