Pusha T About Drake and No Rules in Rap Beefs


Pusha T was invited to The Joe Budden Podcast and right away they started discussing what happened with Drake.

Joe mentioned laughing that his fellow mates on the podcast are Drake’s fans, they also replied that they are fans of Pusha T and Drake, and they enjoyed the beef.

honestly, as a fan of Hip-hop and Rap music, I enjoy beefs that include Drake, he is both sharp and technically skilled, regarding this is the first time that I listen to Pusha T tunnel focusing on one rapper, and he was good with the facts that he included in his track “Son Of Adidon”, the below is what Pusha said about the beef and how he sees rap feuds ad no rules to be applied.

Pusha started by clarifying that nothing is personal and in Rap and Hip-hop he does everything to only compete. When Jo asked him from did it all come from Pusha replied that he doesn’t know, he said that Drake from time to time throws sublines in his songs, so after him going after my team, I had to take a stand and end it.

Pusha also talks about Lebron James’ HBO show and expressed his admiration to James, however, he felt like the show only talked about his record and him mentioning Drake’s kid with talking about Drake mentioning Pusha’s girlfriend or family, he said that the interview was not authentic, then he goes and talks about Drake’s son story and the fact that he was not told about Drake’s son by Kanye West, he said that it might make sense to Drake because he flew to Woyome and “blah blah blah” he said “it is not true”

The interview goes also about the quality of the rhymes and disses on the tracks etc…

What about you, what do you guys think about this, who is saying the truth?