Post Malone Hacks To Fame

Every individual who is creating art or a product is constantly looking for ways to promote and build an audience, especially for artists, and more especially for Pop artist -from their title they supposed to be popular, right?- well, not all of them are popular.

So, first step to start you journey to fame, is to study famous, popular and catchy artists. In This article we are going to ask the question, What Makes Post Malone So Popular?

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According to a video published by Vice News, both Kareem Clarke and Brian Raydar Ellis -Assistant Professors of Songwriting in Berklee College Of Music- agreed that it starts with his music, he is very original, he doesn’t act catchy, he doesn’t want to be catchy, so it sounds Him, it sound simple, and when we the talent to this formula, we end up with music that represents the artist and separate him from all other “rapper/ singer”, those who sound the same.

both Kareem Clarke and Brian Raydar Ellis -Assistant Professors of Songwriting in Berklee College Of Music | Vice News Tonight \ HBO

More technically, the songwriting professors added that the tones he uses and the lyrics he writes are very simple and easy to predict by the average listener, so, it’s like he writes for the dominator listener which makes his songs spread very fast within the crowd.

The strategy he follows is pretty much the same in all of his songs, a very short Intro, then he starts with the chorus, the chorus is the most memorable part of each song, the average listener change between songs after hearing the first 30 seconds, in Post Malone songs, at 30 Sec part, you are already at the middle of the chorus so your brain is unable to switch until the chorus is finished and by then, you already saved it in your brain and looking forward to hear it again, following this strategy doesn’t guarantee your songs will be also popular, there is also another important factor, your chorus should be gooood, if not, just forget it.

What Post Malone does to create the best chorus’? well, he only plays in a very limited range of attainable notes by most people, the professors compared him to Rihanna who does the same thing, so they play in a range of note that not only compliment their voice but also the average listen can keep up and sing with it, not alike -for example- Beyonce, Beyonce goes from note to note, lower to higher, note only professionals can hit, it is talent, but it is not easy to keep up with.


So after you mix all of these things together, you’ll end up with this formula to be catchy, popular and reach more audience like Post Malone, (1) Be yourself, don’t Copy (2) start with a chorus and the intro should be less than 10 sec, (3) use tones that compliment your voice and the average listen can remember it and keep up with it (4) you need to work on your talent which is the base of all the above.

Thank you!!