[Look] 20 Facts You Didn’t About Kylie Jenner

Kylie has fans same time haters, love her or hate her, these are 20 facts you didn’t know about the famous reality TV star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner.

20. When Kylie is out fronting cameras and fans, she is always looking the best way she can, however, both Khloe and Kendall said that at home, Kylie is very messy, she is not organized and whenever she passed by a room, she left it messy.

19. The best selfie picture is a struggle that we all have, some of us take 5, others 50 or maybe a 100 before the perfect shareable shot, well, Kylie takes over 500 selfies before posting 1.

18. Kylie was fourteen when Tyga performed at her sister, Kindall, sixteen birthday party, Tyga is a past now but even before they were together, Kylie seems to be the one starting to flirt the older rapper even when she was fourteen. baad girl!

17. Kylie was given a significant name same as other family members, she was given a middle name Kristen after her mom Kristen ‘Kris’ Jenner.

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16. Kylie is more famous now because of her beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics, however, Kylie herself is not really a big fan of makeup, she one time said that if it was for her, she said she would actually never wear makeup.

15. The Kardashians are known of doing plastic surgeries, Kylie is no different, she did some temporary lips injections when she was sixteen, though her mom Kris was not supporting the act.

14. Kylie was once a singer, after realizing that competing with Kendall in modeling industry is a waste of time, Kylie tried to do it like Taylor Swift, she made her debut in music in 2016 when she was featured on the “Beautiful Day” song, made by the producer, Burberry Perry.

13. Kylie’s godmother is TV personality, Kathie Lee Gifford.

12. Kylie was homeschooled, she studied for only 3 to 4 hours a day because of her work schedule.

11. Gaga is what inspired Kylie to the way of using social media, she told her one time that whatever she does, people are just obsessed with and encouraged her to not change

10. Kylie uses natural ingredients as a low-cost method to whiten her teeth.

9. Kylie’s first modeling gig was Sears ‘Crush Your Style’ line; this was before walking on her brother in law runway, Yeezy.

Exclusive/Just Approved-Los Angeles, CA – 07/09/2010 – Teen celebrity, Kylie Jenner on the set of her first national advertising campaign for Sears` Back to School campaign, Crush Your Style. Kylie will lead a panel of up & coming style experts on the search to find America`s Top Style Crush for Sears. The winner will become a Sears Style Maker, where they`ll go on a family trip to a global fashion destination of their choice to report on street style, and $50,000. See crushyourstyle.com for details
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8. Kylie looks very girly and cute, however, she is really into sports, she does strong sports and her favorite is snowboarding, she even had plans with her sister Khloe to snowboard down the highest peak of a mountain, at the end they had to cancel it as the weather wasn’t supporting their plans but Kylie was disappointed and didn’t want to cancel, she said she really love the adrenaline feeling of it.

7. Kylie was with some remarkable list of men, she dated Jaden Smith, Cody Simpson, Tyga, PatryNextDoor and Lil’ Twist.

6. Because of the way her lips look like, her fans started a challenge to place their lips inside a glass and suck the air out, results were sometimes good and sometimes painful.

one of the challengers

5. Kylie’s look may not be attached to something else but a city girl who loves to hustle and bustle, well, in an interview with Paper Magazine, she said her personal goal is actually owning a farm.

4. Kylie eats all junk food, but when it comes to dessert and sweet, she is a bit picky, she likes chocolate BUT hates chocolate cakes, wow.

3. Kylie went against what Kanye West was expecting when she was offered to sign on with Puma, YE posted on Twitter that Kylie is 1000% on Yeezy team, however, Kylie went and signed on with Puma, Kanye’s closest enemies.

2. Kylie has more siblings that we know, she has 9 sisters and brothers, they go with these name: Kim, Rob, Kourtney, Kendall, Khloe, Brody, Casey, Brandon, and Brut.

1. Kylie is a social media icon, she is the most viewed on Snapchat and top ten most followed on Instagram, when you look at her posts, you think she is confident, well, she is not, she one time said “I’m not confident, it’s sad, I know”.