Jonah Hill Helped donating $25k to cancer research

Jonah Hill and Ellen | The Ellen Show on YouTube | WB.

Jonah Hill was on Ellen DeGeneres this week promoting his new movies Mid 90s.

Ellen was playing he game Mystery Word to make Jonah say, “Top Hat”, the conversation was funny and had Jonah wondering why does Ellen care about hats this much? haha!

The Talk Show Host was trying her best to let him say the word, she asked him about if he would be an old president of united state who would he choose to be, Jonah was guessing and answering same time wondering in a funny way why we are talking about old united states presidents and what they are wearing.

then Ellen went with him to count what type of hats available, and Jonah, the audience and Ellen were counting until Ellen finally quit and asked him to say what the audience is saying, which was “Top Hot”, and he won and $25k was donated by Ultra Beauty to breast cancer research. Bravo Jonah!!

About October and Cancer Awareness:

October is the month of breast cancer awareness, this is the time when the focus is on helping centers to do their research to improve the way cancer is cured nowadays and also spreading much awareness to the people to know how much it is important to scan and discover it earlier. Ulta Beauty is collaborating with Ellen show to do as much as possible to help and assist the cause, this month on Ellen Show all the interviews were breast cancer awareness focused and other celebrities also assisted donating to the cause including Ellen Pompeo, Jonah Hill, Britney Spears and also members of the audience are donating. Breast cancer is more popular nowadays and a lot of research proved that it is more because of the quality of the food so try to be cautious and take a good care of yourself