Jay Z vs. YE | Full Story

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The 2 famous rappers, Kanye West and Jay Z met in 2000 when Kanye produced This Can’t Be Life the Dinasty, in the ROC LA FAMILIA album, Kanye was at the time signed by as a producer in Roc Nation.

But when Kanye wanted to start rapping, Jay Z was the first to knock him out, he once said that Kanye West never hustled in the street so he never knew how it could work.

Later on, in 2006, Jay collaborated with Coldplay Beach Chair, Kanye then mentioned an issue bout the collaboration on his song Big Brother “I told Jay I did a song with Coldplay, Next thing I know he got a song with Coldplay”.

Watch The Throne album came to life having both of Jay and YE, but in an interview Jay Z mentioned that it was almost not coming to life as they had an argument about some songs in the album.

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When Justin Timberlake Suit & Tie featuring Jay Z was released, Kanye went in one of his concert and dissed the song, and this was the start of YE dissing Jay Z on stages.

The Wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is also in the list, some magazines and journalist even said that Jay Z maybe the Best Man in the wedding, however, neither Jay Z nor Beyoncé show up, then Kanye said in an interview that the most important person for him to be there is Kim.

The drama continues, in the event of releasing Tidal, the streaming service, that Jay Z is part of, Kanye West said that his album will be exclusively on Tidal, however, when Life Of Pablo was released, as you all know, it was available on all streaming services, this got Kanye in trouble again with Jay z and Tidal.

In one of Kanye’s famous on stage rants, he also mentioned something about a song that him and Jay and Drake and Meek Mill did together however, Jay Z didn’t want to release it because of some percentage issue on the song. Founder of Tidal spoke to Jay after this rant and he said that both of them agreed on one thing [we miss the old Kanye]. Then on another Ye’s rants, he mentioned that he was not satisfied the way Jay reacted to Kim’s robbery and in another rant, Kanye even mentioned Beyoncé and asking Jay to call him and no need to send his killers.

Then Jay replied to him on his Album 4:44, but the beef still on, and everyone is watching.

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