IS IT THE BEST Netflix show in 2017 | LA CASA DE PAPEL (Money Heist)

9 robbers plan and execute a heist in the Royal Mint in Spain and the cops have to find a way to stop them and save the hostages!

This Spanish heist show follows the robbers, the hostages and cops involved. All 8 robbers have nicknames and their leader is simply called “The Professor”. “The Professor” is the mastermind behind the heist who brings our criminals together to live in a villa for months to make sure the planning and execution is perfect. This story unfolds through both real time during the heist and flashbacks leading up to the heist and is narrated by one of the robbers’ code name “Tokyo”. She gives insight to the heist itself and the characters involved in this massive and intricate chess game. Of course, we have the law, Inspector Raquel and her partner Angel are the main negotiators making sure this heist ends quickly and without casualties.

This is another fantastic foreign show brought to us by Netflix! All the characters are fully realized and are all written in a great way that gives the viewer a really good idea as to everyone’s stories and of course solid acting helps. As mentioned the narration by Tokyo adds another level that guides us to the intricacies of the heist. The editing and pacing are really well done, all aspects of the heist

La Casa De Papel | NETFLIX

are shown to us as they unfold and the flashbacks show the preparation process to keep us in the loop!

Not many negatives at all here. There were a couple additions made to characters stories later on that would have been better brought to light earlier on in the season but that did not make too much of a difference either way. Also, a couple of moments where the story slowed down a bit when you think it would ramp up but again those moments a few and far between.

All in all, this is a fantastic show and is well worth your time!

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