How Spider Man came to Life

We all know how Spider came to life in movies, but we never knew about how he came to life in real life.

Spider Man | Avengers 4

Spider Man as we all know was an ordinary guy one day, got hit by a spider and then turned into Spider Man, Yaay!

However, the character creator Stan Lee, how is the real Spider Man, Hulk and Fantastic Four, when he first presented the idea of Spider Man to his Boss, the boss refused saying that people are afraid of Spiders, and the hero cannot be broke and ordinary etc.

Well Stan Lee convinced his boss to include Spider Man in one of their comic book series, which had a lot of success and outsold all the previous ones, this result led them to create a Serie only dedicated to Spider Man.

Later on Spider Man proved the boss wrong and as you know, Spider Man movies also were successful and everything is in peace as long as Spider Man is here, haha!

More About The Creator:
Stan Lee was born in New York, December 28th, 1922. His father was a tailor and his mother was a housewife, his parents came from Romania but they are originally Jews and they immigrated to united state when 2.7 million of Jews were escaping the war in the period between 1876/1924. Stan dad lost his job in the great depression and he lived most of his childhood in an apartment which its windows faced a break wall, later on and after fighting his circumstances, he grew up to work in a cinema to hel his family, then find as way as a writer in a local newspaper, then worked for Timely Comics .INC, this is the company that we know today by Marvel. the rest is history.

I think that all great ideas was first ignored or refused. what do you guys all think?