How Kendal Jenner Customized the Modeling Industry

Getty Images

Just for her, Kendal Jenner made changes in the modeling industry, just for her!

Picky. Not like other fellow models, Kendal is very picky about what jobs she takes, not like a starting model who exhausted herself because she has bill and expenses to accommodate, Kendal take her time and even doesn’t really work as much as other models, while still making more impact, which other models sees it unfair.

Mental issues. The modeling industry is very stressful, companies will put a lot of pressure on you and expect you to just deal with it, meanwhile, Kendal Jenner when she couldn’t take it anymore, she takes a break, and when coming back, a lot will be waiting to work with her, not the other way around.

Money. Most of other models struggles with dept, in order to find a job, they need to sacrifice a lot in order to let agencies find them a job, and later on find themselves with huge dept waiting for them to be paid. Well, we are talking about Kendall here, instead of her going outside looking for agencies, it is agencies that fight to book her, then she sleeps not worrying about her non-existent dept.

Security. because of the unfortunate robbery of her sister Kim, Kendall started to ask for more security when she is attending an event, this strict security procedure keeps her away from her fellow models, when she was performing in Victoria Secret, she had her personal security and additional security provided by VS just to focus on Kendall, she was also protected when she attended the after parties.

Last Minute. Other models work to get paid, yes it is a passion of theirs, but at the end of the day, the bills needs to be paid, that is why they are consistently looking for new offers to keep them busy, in the other hand, Kendall waits until the last minute to cancel or approve an offer, onetime the fans were shocked as they expected her on stage but instead, she cancelled and went snowboarding with her sister Kim.

The list can go with no stop but we’ll save it for other times, comment below what you think?