How 50 cent Did It

Scott Gries | Getty Images

50 Cent is with no doubt one of the few rappers that not only made it with Rap songs but also success in other domains in life.

After 50 sent was shot in 2000, his was left by the company was signed to Colombia Records. Then he has to figure out way to do it again and market himself.

50 Cent was the first to use other famous hits and do a remake, he was making mixtape after mixtape until he made a compilation album named Guess Who’s Back, the album made its way to Eminem and Dr. Dre. Then him and other rappers created a group G UNIT, and all of them were also doing the same strategy to stay on the scene, taking other popular songs and do remixes.

Dj Drama then in an article said that there is now 2 eras of mixtape strategy, Before 50 and after 50.

50 Cent then made his Album, Get Rich or Dir Trying, the album went to be a major success and even turned into a movie, In Da Club track was the biggest track made by 50 Cent all time.

50 Cent | Power

50 Cent continues doing music but at the same time started doing sneaker collaborations with big brands, TV Shows, Movies, and started his own headsets and other businesses.

50 did it and still rocking it after 18 years.

Whenever Hip-hop or Rap music is mentioned in a conversation, if 50cent was not part of the conversation, for sure he came to someone’s mind, he made big hits that still rocking a lot of clubs and he is still touring the world performing his album “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. the songs in the album and other songs in his catalog still pays him a lot of money untill today, and still he still relevant and makes songs with “now” artist even though he finds hard time finding rapper that are from this area and still representing Hiphop in a good way.