Happy Birthday Drake


Drake celebrates his 32nd birthday in a 2000s theme party

French Montana, Chris Brown, Kendall Jenner, and other celebrities were also attending the party celebrating with the Rapper Drake.

Drake was born on October 24th, 1986, the young rapper is originally from Canada and he is one of the best selling artists in this century. We all know him from his latest Hit “In My Feelings” which hit number 1 in united states and too many other countries.

The super-exclusive birthday party had all the attendees to dress like 2000s fashion trends, the celebration included also Chanel bags and also lottery tickets that were given away to the attendees.

Each room in the party had a throwback set up, one room had a rap city freestyle booth, another being a blockbuster movie room. The DJ played songs from the era of the 2000s and everyone rocked a super styled 2000s outfit, Drake wore a Fabolous inspired costume while French Montana rocked an oversized jersey.

Happy Birthday Drake

About Drake

Drake is the only Jewish Canadian Rapper in the world. Drake in his early stages acted in a Canadian teen drama series called Degrassi The Next Generation, Drake acted a role of a basketball player who got injured and paralyzed, During the show, Drake started releasing his mixtapes, first was Room For Improvement in 2006 then Comeback Season in 2007 which includes his first Hit Song Replacement Girl, then he started getting noticed in the music industry, later on he was let go from Degrassi, this put Drake in hard situation as he even worked in restaurants, then Lil Wayne called him to join his tour, the rest is history. Drake was offered to be signed from a lot of Music Labels which started the biggest bidding in music history, at the end Drake was signed to Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money label for $2,000,000.