Girls Travis Scott Dated

Following Kylie Jenner baby news, everyone wants to know more about the daddy, Travis Scott, well what a good place to start than the ladies he dated, let’s go!

Travis Scott, photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for New York Magazine

Well let us not go very much away, Travis was once dating once of Kylie’s family members, not a cousin or something far, but he sister, Kendall Jenner, Yes, Travis was once. Well everything said here was found on the internet so just keep in it mind, well, let’s continue the gossip. A “source” evens aid that Travis not only had a past but still talking about it and even compare them, so if you’re wondering who’s the best in the bedroom department, well, it is Kylie. Anyway, let continue!

Karrucheche Tran, well, the famous ex of Chris Brown was once featured in a magazine with a photo with Travis, sources said that they were together and fans were talking that it is only to make their exs feel bad.

Hailey Baldwin, the young model who is also part of Kendall squad shared once a photo of her and Travis in a kitchen, Hailey was dressed casually while Travis was topless. They were also seen outside of a culb holding hands, but again, not officially was out only rumors that fans like to talk about, and so are we!

SZA. Not only movies actors who seem to have issue with the intimate scenes, well, in Travis music video scene of him and SZA being so intimate was enough to start a fire between fans talking if there is anything official, the video was published in April 2017 and Kylie was in scene that time. Later on Kylie and Travis officially announced they are together, so maybe something was their behind the scenes on Travis’ music video set or maybe it was just acting.