Gigi and Kendal Are Confirmed! Victoria Secret

Gigi and Kendal haven’t been together on Victoria Secret runway a long time, well, they are coming together again this year.

The man behind the shoes the models will be wearing  for 2018, Brian Atwood has confirmed on his social media that the two beautiful model Gigi and Kendal will be part of Victoria Secret show that will take place in New York few weeks from now.

David Fisher | REX | Shutterstock

Gigi was killing it last year with the strapped outfit that Brian Atwood posted on his social media, one user commented on the photo saying that most beautiful model alive is back and looking forward to it. Kendall who missed the show last year because of some contract conflict, this year she is back and the fans are going bananas.

More about the two models, Gigi and Kendall:

Gigi was born in United States while her dad is originally Palestinian and her mom is from …, she started modeling since she was young and her mom was a model also, she professionally started her career at the age of 18-years-old and since then she has been one of the most famous models, her sister is also modeling and sometimes you can even notice that there is a clash between the two sisters as there isn’t that much age gap between the two and the sister-sister competitive spirit is on but on a large scale.

Kendall was born in, well, United States of course and her family doesn’t anymore introduction, they are the Kardashians. Kendall started professionally at the age of 16-years-old, and she is the only sisters that doing modeling as a profession, she was also one time the highest paid model maybe still also today.

Both Models, Kendall and Gigi, customized the modeling industry and you can read more about how Kendall did it in our website.