Eminem Vs. Machine Gun Kelly

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We all witnessed what was maybe the greatest beef between two rappers in this era, Slim Shady against Machine Gun Kelly!

The Kamikaze album is what got every one tune din to listen, the album had a lot of shooting, including Machine Gun Kelly, but we never taught that someone will reply, then Rap Devil was released, a music video where MGK dissed Eminem.

We all heard and did a breakdown to the both songs, we know the origin of the feud and we know why it started.

After MGK tweet about Eminem’s daughter Hailie, Em said, in the interview he published on his YouTube channel with Sway,¬†that he was more upset that after the tweet, he was like doing a press run on his daughter, every time he is interviewed he mentioned it and repeated the same words.

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So, Eminem said what he had to say on his song in his latest Album Kamikaze, which led to MG replying then Eminem punched back.

Well, to know exactly who won, and like in every Rap battle, we had to give to the fans to decide, so if we look at the stats, Eminem won. But, others may say that Eminem has a larger and bigger audience, this is why the stats on the internet may not be the variable. Well other rap and hip-hop music nerds did a total breakdown to the two songs, and the conclusion also went to Eminem side.

MGK launched his Album after the beef, and everyone was waiting to see if the album will be as perfect and did as big as the beef did, well, unfortunately, MGK like what Em said in his track, every thing happened after the beef had proven that MGK barried himself.

Meanwhile, Eminem is continuing his success, every track release is having exposure, and the movie he produced, Venom, is also Buzzing with the soundtrack.

So who do you still think win the feud?