Ellen Tells A Heartbreaking Loss Story

On Oprah’s OWN Master class, Ellen DeGeneres revealed a Heartbreaking story and How she lost her live-in girlfriend.

The Talk show host was in her 20s when the accident happened, she was with a couple of friends attending her brother music concert party. Ellen was already having conflict with her girlfriend at the time.

She received a call and continue arguing over the phone, “I acted like I couldn’t hear her because of the music” Ellen said, “I was planning to go back but I just wanted to teach her a lesson”.

Oprah’s OWN Master Class

When the concert was over, Ellen and her friend were driving back home and they saw a car accident and heard police and ambulance sirens closer coming, they knew it was a new accident. Later in the morning, Ellen received a call that her girlfriend was in that car and she was killed in that same accident.

Ellen continues telling how much guilt she felt that morning, all the different scenarios that could prevent her girlfriend from dying was going thru her mind.

She described how lost she felt when she heard the news, she was standing in her small tiny apartment that she was living in, with a low ceiling that you can’t even stand up, thinking about why this is happening to me, and she felt like she wants to speak with God. She took a pen and a paper and wrote everything she had inside.

She said with no scratches or writing over, everything she wrote came out fast.

Ellen uses a lot of her real life in her stand up materials, so she did turned what happened and the story she wrote out of pain and tragedy into a story that you enjoy and you feel entertained listening to it and same time you learn life lessons from real experiences.