Ellen On Ellen About Kids Violence in Schools

Ellen Pompeo on Ellen Show | WB.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” Co-Star Ellen Pompeo advocates for Guy, Lesbian, Transgender teens in schools representing GLSEN organization.

The interview at first start by Ellen, the host, asking Pompeo about her kids and how was her flight with the kids to Europe, knowing it is a long flight, Pompeo replies laughing that it was quite interesting.

Ellen DeGeneres thanked Pompeo for asking her to give her the GLSEN Award even if she couldn’t do it as she was in Vancouver.

Ellen Pompeo continues talking about GLSEN and asked the teen viewers if there is no GLSEN club in their school to go please start one, talking that the club in schools supports and secure Guys, Lesbian, Transgender and Straight kids from bullying and harassment.

She also added that the violence rate in school went up by 64% in 2018 which is not a number to be proud of so she passionately asked the kids to do what the can, she said that even if you can’t vote yet, still you can make a change in your environment.

In The Same Episode:

Ellen auctioned Pompeo off, Ellen DeGeneres launched a bid for the audience, the winner will go with Pompeo on a date to Starbucks, the bid started at 50 dollars, the highest they will get is what Ultra Beauty will much and everything will go to Breast Cancer Research.

so from 50 dollars to 100, then they went up to 250 dollars, a small percentage of the audience dropped their hands, but still on going to 500 dollars, then 600 dollars, then 800 dollars, then only few stayed, at the end two women who got to go with Ellen Pompeo to the Starbucks date, the winner Kelly who bid with 1500 dollars, and Sara who dropped on 1200 dollars, and the reason behind why they kept on going is because they had their members of family suffering of Breast Cancer. good people