Due To A Heavy Storm, Dua Lipa Concert Was Canceled

Due to heavy sand and light storm, Dua Lipa canceled her show in Louvre Abu Dhabi.

An unexpected storm went by Abu Dhabi yesterday -Sunday, 11th November 2018- cause the Dua Lipa show in Louvre Abu Dhabi to be canceled. The storm started with light rain, the suddenly transformed into a sandstorm and heavy winds. A message was broadcasted by Abu Dhabi Police informing citizens to stay indoors.

The storm quickly transformed into a light storm which causes the Dua Lipa Show in Louvre Abu Dhabi to be canceled, the fans were, of course, devastated as some of them traveled all the way from other cities in the United Arab Emirates such as Dubai and Al Ain. However, safety comes first.

The storm lasted almost an hour before continuing its way to Dubai where a cricket game between Australia and New Zealand was also canceled.

Dua Lipa also posted the show is canceled on her Twitter account “I am so sad to announce that due to bad weather conditions tonights show at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi has been canceled. I really wanted to sing and dance for you .. hopefully, I will be back very soon xx”

The young famous artist also posted a video showing the light storm in action.

United Arab Emirate experienced a stronger storm –than the one happened yesterday—in 2016, the rain was ongoing for a very long time, videos of cars floating on water in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are on all over the internet, the storm was named the Great Storm, and it was the first of its kind to hit United Arab Emirate.

Photo by Nemibeckz / UAE 2016

The fans who attended were kept inside until the weather calmed down, the fans were told by the Louvre show organizers to keep their tickets until further updates, the show may be rescheduled or their ticket will be refunded.

Visitors try to avoid the rain. Victor Besa / The National
Visitors try to avoid the rain. Victor Besa / The National

Pay attention and be careful and enjoy your festive season.