Drake About YE and Pusha T and His Son Adidon

Michael Steele | Getty Images

Drake was invited to Lebron James’ show The Shop on HBO Sports and talks a lot of things including his family, music, and the latest beef he had with Pusha T and YE.

Both Lebron and Drake started first talking about their upbringing and how they were parented, Lebron expressed how he used to feel back in the day when he was frustrated that his dad was absent, he said that he was so angry, but now, after him now having his own kids, he said that with the responsibility that comes with a family and the lack of resources, he now understands why he did what he did. Drake also goes and talks about his mom and how she is a little bit hard on his dad, which lead him to take a decision to be a good father and if he was put in the same position he said he won’t let his kid hate his mom, this conversation led to him talking about his son and the way it was publicised in Pusha T’s diss

Drake goes and tells the story of how everything happened, he said that one day Kanye West was the one texting Drake and asking him to work with him but with the condition to let him what are the dongs he is working on when he’ll be dropping the album.

Drake agrees and said that he had a good a feeling so he didn’t want to just say no, then Drake was asked to go to Woyome to work together on a song, Drake said that at the end we didn’t do anything but that was the time when he played him the song that he was talking in about his kid as they had conversations.

So after Drake went back home he was surprised that YE dropped that meme song Lift You, Drake felt dark from what happened and stepped away.

So after Pusha T dropped his album, then he includes a line for Drake this is when the beef started and things that happened publicly happened publicly.