A closer source to Kim reported that she was not feeling well for the past several weeks, she called her doctor the day before the sad news to complain she still not getting any better. A law enforcement source told TMZ that Kim wasn’t feeling well the night before, she went to bed early, when her family members were trying to wake her up, she didn’t respond. Paramedics pronounced Kim dead at her home.

Regarding the cause, Kim was battling either flu or pneumonia, she was given vitamins and saline to treat her illness. Authorities are looking into a trip that Kim took to Africa recently to determine if contracted anything. No illegal drugs were found.

A toxicology test and an autopsy will be performed by the corner.

The beautiful model and actress was with Diddy for 13-years, sadly was found dead at her home in Los Angeles Thursday (TMZ source). Police was called around noon, police are still on the scene until now.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Diddy and Kim were together for more than a decade, they started dating in 1994 and broke for the last time in 2007. They have 3 children, Jessie James and D’Lila (twins) and Christian. Kim has a son, Quincy Brown, from her Ex Al B. Sure. The below is an image of the whole family. Kim was an Actor and Model, she made some appearances on Diddy’s show I Want To Work For Diddy.

Diddy is definitely destroyed from what happened, even though they broke up, they were still a family, a very tight family.

Despite the break up in 2007, Diddy never stopped interacting with his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his kids Kim Porter. They traveled and celebrated vacations, holidays and their children birthdays together. They never had a formal custody agreement, both of them were accommodating each other schedules when it comes to the kids, and it always works out.

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Kim Porter was 47 years old.