Behind the Scenes of Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Image credit: Getty Images

Victoria Secret is with no doubt the famous fashion show in the worldwide, but do you know what goes backstage

VS models when doing interviews, they talk about diet and they made it look very easy and healthy, some are dropping pizza and some are adding gym hours, but retired models who worked with Victoria secret revealed that they are forced to a very strict non-healthy diet.

They are told exactly what to eat, and how many times a day to train and exact weight to be in on the show, the ex-models reported that it is very unhealthy.

If this is not enough, In the last 2017 show that took place in Shanghai, China. The after party that models go to was shut down by Police, everyone was having fun until Police interrupted everything and forced the attendees to leave.

Also, few models who were already planned to perform didn’t show up, there were rumors that some of them were banned from China, this is when we think of Gigi Hadid, as she had some issue when she posted a video on her Instagram mocking Chinese eyes.

Kendal Jenner also supposed to perform but because of contract conflict, it was canceled.

On the other hand, to put the show together, it takes almost 12 months to put and it costs more than 12 million dollars, it is a lot of money but it is the secret behind the popularity of the brand, the valuation of VS is 7.1 Billion dollars, so they are definitely getting their money’s worth.

Victoria Secret revealed a Fantasy Bra that costs 15 million dollars, every year a model gets the chance to wear a bra that is covered with diamond, but still, the Fantasy Bra is the most expensive bra they have. at the time it was ranked as the most expensive bra in the world.