Angelina and Pitt Crazy Marriage

Every marriage, right after saying yes and kissing each other, the odds of it ending in divorce increases.

Let’s start with Angelina. The beautiful actress had already a past in getting married and divorced. All of her Exs were co-stars in movies and almost all f them divorced another woman to be with Angelina. But all stories ended with divorce.

Then she met Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie. Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time, well, knowing that Angelina has slept with co-stars before and married them, it was easy to picture her as the bad guy in this story, but not that much, Pitt was also looking for ways to divorce Aniston for some reasons, may be only because this is Hollywood, daaah!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt / Getty Images

Like you all know, Angelina and Pitt started their relationship, but this time, Jolie was taking it slowly, they had first to identify what is marriage for them. Later on, Jolie adopted a child from Ethiopia.

After a while, Angelina was pregnant from Pitt, but still no marriage, they say that they are not planning to get married until guy marriage is allowed to, saying that everyone has the right to marry who he/she loves.

Then felt like there is a lot of pressure on them, from their kids, they wanted to see their parents married. Do they did.

Then rumors about Pitt being an alcoholic and abusing his kids started spreading, Angelina also asked for divorce and never let Pitt see his kids again, the problem became more complicated after a Jet incident when Pitt is potentially abused his kid in the plane while he was arguing with Jolie.

Then the divorce comes and Pitt still until today never seen his kids.

What do you think!!!