Andy Executive Producer of “Ellen” Talk Show Attacks Melania

Andy Lassner | The Ellen Show | WB.

Andy the executive of the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, tweeted that he is more afraid of another Melania to enter the country than he is from any caravan of migrants seeking peace.

This tweet came as a response of Melenia saying that she is afraid of 7,000 migrant caravan heading to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Andy has other tweets where he is attacking Melenia’s positions, recently when she told ABC news that she has more to think about to think whether the president Trump had sexual relationship with a porn star. Andy wrote back “But does she?”

Previously Andy also tweeted “Maybe it was better when we didn’t know where Melenia was.”

After Donald Trump became a president, his tweets and very noticeable politic practices became the hot topic for every comedian, talk show host, celebrity, … etc. when you watch these famous TV shows you start wondering, how the hell Trump became a president if it is very obvious that the majority of the citizens in United States now against him and his choices. But after you dig deeper in the subject, Trump knew what he was doing from the beginning and his approach is what got him to win the election, however, him proceeding the same policy of looking down at other nationalities, races, beliefs, may not help him stay at the white house. on the other hand, maybe he doesn’t want to stay at the white house, may be he only used this publicity to get his name publicized to the highest level, and now that every man on earth know who he is, this well help him multiply his fortune if he capitalizes on it the right, and I think he will.

Andy and Ellen herself are very loud about their political position, same goes with Majority of celebrities, where do you see yourself? Comment below and let us know