Adriana Lima Couldn’t Stop Herself From Crying During Her Last VS Show

Adriana Lima grew up in between the hands of Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Adriana Lima shared a video last Thursday which includes a full montage of all of her appearances in the Victoria Secret fashion show.  she caption the video a confirmation that the 2018 Victoria Secret show will be the last she does, she decided to retire from the show after 19 participations since 1999.

The Angel couldn’t hide her tears on stage, The famous model breaks down in tears while maintaining a beautiful smile, the crowd reacted and got emotional when she was going back behind the stage to her angel friends,  one fan captured in a video the standing ovation the angel got on stage while she rocked a sheer, sparkling top, light blue lingerie complete with feathered hills and wide Victoria secret wings outfit. Before making a goodbye sign to the fans, her eyes were glowing because of the tears, she even fought not to let her cry out and ruin her makeup, she took a big deep breath and stopped for a second then continues walking.

David Fisher/ Rex/ Shutterstock

Before her very successful career, Adriana Lima is originally from Brazil, against what you may think, Lima was a very shy kid and always wanted to do what other boys were doing, playing football, claiming trees, playing with cars, etc. she was also a very good student in school “I was… latterly… all day… into the books, studying studying studying non-stop, like crazy” said Lima to Victoria Secret on an interview.

COED Magazine / Adriana Lima

She was first dreaming of becoming a doctor, exactly pediatrician, modeling was not planned at all and “everything happened so fast” she said. Her first job was a commercial for Victoria Secret and the rest is history.

Lina performed on the Victoria Secret runway for the 19 time and it was the last time, in Manhattan, New York, Thursday November 8, 2018.