A Quite Horror Movie!

Paramount Pictures | A QUITE PLACE

A QUITE PLACE was written and directed but the comedian John Krasinski, it seems like most of the best scary movies are made by a known comedian actor.

The movie story is around a father, who’s trying to protect his kids and pregnant wife from aliens.

In order for them to live and survive they shouldn’t make any noise, so you’ll see them trying to communicate only with symbols.

John, the writer, director and co-starting in the movies revealed on Jimmy Kimmel show that he is also acting the monster in the movie, he said that he was asked by his colleagues to explain exactly how the monster is moving, so he told them to give him a suit and he imitated the monster movement.

He also added that when he wrote the story, he wrote it about his family and how he secretly wanted his wife to act with him, but he never wanted to ask her, so only one time they were on a plane and she asked if she can read what he was writing and she was the one asking him to give her the role, so he said that the fact that it was written from heart and both of us organically wanted to act in it is what made it special.

The movie does not include a lot of scenario or dialogue, it was more of communicating feelings with body acting and soundtracks, it was creatively well put together and even behind the scenes because of not too much dialogue was included, the scenes were real even if you look at it with movie camera shooting the scenes. because of how different and perfect the movie was, it was the hit of the year 2017, it was produced with only 17 million dollars and went out to make over 300 million dollars worldwide.